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Here's what they're saying about Ireland Tours...


"This is the first bus tour I have been on and it was the best. Our bus

driver was such a nice guy and so knowledgeable about Ireland. He

didn't drone on but gave us pertinent informtion about what we were

seeing and answered our questions that we asked. Which I liked.

TMI is TMI! I especially liked the fact that you stayed in one place for

3 days so you didn't have to be packing up every day and the fact that you

could listen to Irish music in the evenings, if you wanted to, but you

weren't obliged to. Chuck Brodsky, our musical tour director, provided

a great mix of private concerts as well as choosing pubs to go to where

the music was second to none. And he entertained us himself, which was

a bonus. We were fortunate to be in a group with people that everyone

got along well. And I think everyone enjoyed the tour and the company.

The accommodations, food, music, friendliness of the people, sights chosen

to see were fantastic and I would recommend this trip to anyone.

Brenda G.
Nova Scotia

"The tour worked out perfectly and exceeded our expectations by a good bit. Chuck's good humor, gentle spirit, musical talent and very evident love of Ireland and its music helped make our tour group a very harmonious one. The accommodations in three towns worked out well, and the musical experience was fabulous."

Paul, CT


"Magical, lyrical, mysterious, charming, delicious, amusing, informative, warm, and all-out FUN... There are no words to fully describe the joy of experiencing Ireland with musician Chuck Brodsky and Inishfree tours, though these are the words that come to mind. From the sites seen, to the music shared and the friendships forged, our lives have been enriched for as long as there have been fairy trees and hurling matches! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. "

Brent and Carol Ann
Knoxville, TN

“My wife and I just wanted to drop you a note to send our thanks for everything you did to make our recent visit to Ireland such a wonderful experience. Our driver was not a bus driver but a gentleman extraordinaire, travel companion, guide, and friend. Chuck showed us the most wonderful music and folks that we could have hoped to meet. Between the two of them we had such a wonderful, moving, and fun experience. We plan to tell all of our friends that there is no better way to see Ireland than through a tour with you. Having organized and managed the production of numerous conferences over the years I do have an inkling of what efforts you must have put in to see that we had that wonderful experience and I know that you went well above and beyond to see that it happened. Thanks again and you will be hearing from us again when we can get back to that magical place that is Ireland.”

Greg & Terri
Baton Rouge, LA


“The Ireland trip was so perfect! On one side we had great archaeological information from Hugh, and I've always loved the 'old stuff'; trying to figure out what people 3000 to 5000 years ago were thinking and doing when they built walls and structures that are still standing.... And then we had the music in the evening that was wonderful. The mix of instruments groups and settings was perfect. To end in Doolin was cream on the top. ”

Moss Landing, CA

“One of the most amazing things about this trip is that we developed so many new friendships. Chuck's music brought us all together. Funny, we always seemed to end up at the pub.”

Cincinnati, OH

“We loved the tour . This was our second time and well worth it. The Music, the wonderful country and most of all the Irish folks and then the bonus of meeting great people on the tour. It was a grand trip. Tell your friends!”

John & Jane
Victoria, BC

“For our first trip to Ireland, going with Chuck was a perfect combination of seeing sites and hearing fabulous music at night. He arranged for wonderful groups to come to our hotels or we went to pubs to see great groups. Seeing Chuck play with them was fun. He was so helpful with all the arrangements that we felt free of tedious decision-making. Traveling with a group that he gathered created a certain unforgettable spirit. Highly recommended!”

Winters, CA


“We thought we were being so brave signing up for this trip. We had never met Chuck. We had never been on a tour. And, we did not know anything about any of the places we were going. But, a few days into the trip we laughed at ourselves. We loved every single person on the trip. There was no anxiety about traveling to unknown places because Chuck and Hugh did such a great job of planning. The hotels were great and the pace was perfect. We could not believe the beauty of the country. We felt privileged to experience the music you planned for us--it was really good. We not only heard preeminent Irish musicians but learned a ton about the music itself. We can now tell you the difference between a jig, reel, polka and horn pipe. (We also know the difference between Irish and Scottish pipes, too). We learned a lot about the history of Ireland and its music. For many, many reasons, this was a great trip for us. ”

Cincinnati, OH

“I took my first trip to Ireland with Chuck Brodsky and Inishfree Tours this past September and had a wonderful experience. The organization of the tour was outstanding as were the people in the group. A tour of this sort seems to attract people who have a common interest in music and it immediately seems to bring the group closer together quickly. Spending three days in one place from which we went touring made it very relaxing, much better than having to get up at zero dark thirty to load up and move to the next place. Wonderful sights in the morning, pubs and music in the evening, what more could you ask for. And we didn't get dragged off to craft shops where we were pressured to buy (and where you know the tour operators are getting a kick-back). I would do it again in a minute.”

Davis, CA

“What a great experience! The tour delivered everything that was promised. Events were all well planned and flexible enough to be enjoyable, The folks in the tour were all great people with similar interests and Chuck and our driver/guide are simply terrific! Ireland and the Irish people are great! Save up your money and sign up, you won't be sorry.”

Bruce and Frances Koran
Bakersville, NC

“The tour to Ireland was beyond what we ever expected, in every way. First and foremost, it introduced us to the people and the music, and those ARE the country. The well prepared summaries of Irish history were insightful, clear and entertaining. And the camaraderie of the group, so carefully and lovingly orchestrated by you, Chuck, made us friends from the start.”

Tom & Pat
Birmingham, MI


“Great tour, very informative, super scenery, really nice people, not too much bus time, good Irish food, and comfortable accommodations. Music was great as was the talk about Irish music and instruments. Let's do it again.”

Jeff & Jean
Winters, CA

“Memories of our 10 glorious days in Ireland are indelibly etched on my mind. I loved the people we met, the spectacular places we visited, and the history that was woven seamlessly throughout the trip. And the best part? The glorious mix of music -- from our beloved Chuck to some of Ireland's finest musicians. On a scale of one to ten, this trip rates an eleven!”

Silver Springs, MD

"We've just returned from Chuck's music tour of Ireland and it was the most wonderful trip we ever could have imagined.  We just loved going to all the out of the way places in Ireland and seeing the beautiful countryside and villages there.  It was like going back in time.   We not only had a wonderful time every place we went, but we also got to learn so much about Irish history.  Our tour guide Tom went out of his way to make everything so interesting and with so many personal touches.  Our bus driver Paddy was just an amazing driver and we felt so safe with him at the wheel in sometimes very hairy driving situations.  And then there was all that amazing music every evening along with Chuck's terrific music.  All in all - we would totally recommend this tour if anyone has an interest in going to Ireland.  We can't imagine a better tour than this one and it was over and above our expectations."

Joe and Judy
Flat Rock, NC

"The trip to Ireland with Chuck was just wonderful.  It was so good to have a guide who knew where to go to hear music every night and also where to go during the day to see the best of Ireland.  The guide, the driver, fellow passengers, and Chuck (of course) were fantastic traveling companions.  The small size of the group made it easy to get from place to place.  There was plenty of touring time and "on our own" time to make the trip just about perfect. We enjoyed this trip immensley and would love to return."

Morganton, NC


“I don't like thinking during my vacations - Tom and (can't remember the driver's name) made it so that everything was taken care of perfectly which left my main decision each day being if I wanted one pint or two in the evening. Much history and touring was included with stops each day throughout southern Ireland along with Tom's humor and colorful stories. And I can't say enough about the rare opportunity to hear exceptionally talented local Irish musicians each night (and Chuck too) who most tourists would probably never find.”

Monterey, Ca


“When I was considering signing up for this trip, I looked at a couple of different dates, but one reason I picked Chuck's tour (aside from the fact that I'm a fan, of course) was a hunch that he would draw a particularly interesting group of travelers. That was confirmed when we started exchanging introductory emails - I was immediately struck by how interesting, accomplished, and varied the group was.  Mary and I met some of you at JFK, and I immediately felt that we "clicked." That feeling continued to grow when more of us met later that day at Sheila's, and of course during that memorable meal at Gallagher's. Like you, I've never been a "tour group" traveler, and truth be told, I can't say I'm likely to do another tour in the foreseeable future - but I can't imagine a better tour, or group, than this one. I had a wonderful time, not only because of the places we went, or the music we heard, but in very large part because of meeting, eating with, drinking with, talking with, and getting to know all of you. Of course, that includes Tom, Chuck, Paddy, and Mick, all of whom added so much to our experience. I truly hope that we can meet again.”

Fort Collins, CO

“There is only one word to describe this un-tour: MAGICAL.  You'll have Tom as your guide--a bear of a man with a heart the size of a planet. You'll have Chuck's songs, which will cut through your bones on their way to your heart.  You will learn and laugh and cry and hear music that touches your soul.  You will come home with a new appreciation for three simple words: 

Life is good.”

Silver Springs, MD


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